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Nokia 8 Camera update 21/8

New update full of bugs...some of them i noticed will list below: Bugs: 1. Manual mode crashing in rear camera. 2.Bokeh mode crashing in front camera. 3.Switching between camera to video makes the screen go black. 4. There's no bokeh mode in rear camera. 5. Monochrome sensor is not working. 6. And finally there's no HDR option only Auto HDR is there. Good points: 1. Augmented reality works fine and its good. 2. Google Lens working fine. Please work on these bugs and bring us new update... Thanks

Enable focus option like iPhone, where we can lock the focus, focus is very bad in Nokia 8 expect outdoor

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 Uninstall it, it was not intended for the Nokia 8, it was released by mistake.

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I don't appear to be able to uninstall it. Android says unable to uninstall system apps and the app store listing ( rather unhelpfully tells me it's not compatible and hides all the options
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