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Order returned after Shipping! Anyone facing this issue?

My order was shipped yesterday 30/08/18 and i have received a confirmation mail that my product is on the way. Its been sent through delhivery  courier. I have not cancelled the order but according to the latest status, my product is returning back to nokia. Anyone facing this issue please let me know.

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Hold on for a while, Delhivery people is notorious for doing such acts, even they don't have proper system in place for deliveries of goods. This company used to deliver products from Amazon and Flipkart. I faced one issue earlier, when Delhivery updated status as "Customer Not available" and actually being a holiday I was at home that day and I checked with my society security person, there was not a single delivery person came that day. On approaching Delhivery customer care, I was simply told that, the status was for some other delivery and not mine. And even worse fact was, my delivery was delayed for two days even my parcel was at hub near my house. So I suggest, you check with Delivery customer care first.


Milind Pande 

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I also have the same problem.

I pre-ordered the Nokia 6.1 plus. but it has been returned by delhivery parcel company. when I called them they are saying that Nokia has recalled the product.what should I do?

Something seems fishy! With nokia i mean Pre-ordered devices should ne available within 2 days of launch!! And before the Flipkart sale guys receive it.

I contacted delhivery parcel company.they are saying that Nokia is recalling our products. but when I called Nokia customer care they don't know anything about it.what should we do now??

Hello user1535211258347 facing exactly the same issue that you are facing ..i called delhivery multiple times and the only thing they got to say is that nokia has recalled the order and they cant do anything about it. Mine was already in the nearest hub. As per delhiverys request i contacted nokia customer care multiple times and whats they are saying is , they have not returned the product from their side and i have to talk with delhivery itself. 

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now, what should we do?? will we get another one or will Nokia refund??

for me also the same thing



Shobin and user1535211258347 , What is the delivery location?

shobin...please give me ur also facing same problem

@Sai Kiran both our delivery is in kerala

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Irfan and user1535211258347  ...mail me both of urs contacts   at ..i will call you guys

what will do next...? it will re send or refund ??? @shobin please post your number
Hello Shobin on what time did you ordered nokia ?
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