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Does hmdglobal and nokia mobile read and listen what people need in this community?

Do people at @hmdglobal and @nokiamobile listen to us? What people want and what people need from their smartphone? I doubt it. I think this community is for sure to improve quality and performance, comments what people need and more. Please I need an answer. If they do, why they don't stick as its own design smartphone? I know they have more patents. Why must the devices have a notch design at the screen? Maybe some people like it, but for me it still strange. I dont like the notch. Btw, i'm using Nokia7+. And i love it. If they do listen to us, please, keep your own design language. The "notch design" for me is like a cancer. But in terms of updates, i praise them. They doing really good job.

Nokia is insensitive and no one in Nokia side listening or answering...... We r just wasting our time thinking nokia is alive

Maybe or maybe not. Or maybe we really just wasting our time with nokia thinking it would come to live again and be top ranking smartphone company. 

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I think they listen to us, they just rarely reply to us ;) I'm sure that feedback we're giving is being considered, but they will also look at market research, market trends and their own sales figures and other metrics to work out what they think will sell best. I'd like to see HMD make another slide out QWERTY keyboard Communicator-phone with touch screen, like the N900, but I'm pretty sure that it will not sell as well as another full touch screen phone with a notch :D

Is there any way we can give in our suggestions for their next phone... The chances are close to nil and might not even be considered ... But it would be great for the community if it were possible

Doubt it. If they listened, they would've at least cared to correct something that's not working in their website :

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