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Camera Software is a piece of crap

Tried lots of things on my Nokia 6.1, resetting the whole phone, installed updates (now on August security patch), storing photos on SD card, turning geolocation off. camera is still freezing the whole phone, taking photos is sometimes possible, sometimes not what is bugging me like hell. Sometimes the phone is taking photos 10seconds after pressing the button (have lots of my fingers photographed by now), sometimes I can hear the camera noise but photo is not stored - quite useless peace of electronics in my hand. As HMD is ignoring these problems (or they don't read the forum entries) I send this photo-brick back to Amazon and give an equivalent recession there... sad - having updated software was one of the main reasons I buyed this phone...

Actually android one has to do with secyrity updates not device software or camera etc ehich is with nokia

Today, using the Instagram camera bricked my phone for 15 minutes. It rebooted itself after that, even the power button wouldn't work. So sick of this.

till now i didn't have any issues using Nokia6.1 4GB/64GB variant due to use of ccleaner and All In One Toolbox for Cache/RAM Cleaning and For Camera,Try Google Camera apk for good Portrait and Google Motion Features. googlecamera-pixel2mod-arnova8g2-v7-final.apk is very good as compared to old one.Its having portrait feature is very good(Keep HDR+Enhanced).Lens Blur not working but we got portrait mode very useful and google motion is fantastic.Try Everyone This Google Apk Very nice.I am fall in love.
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