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Nokia 6.1 Plus Initial Impressions after 24 hrs. of Usage

Hi Guys, As i am of the people who got this device delivered early, i thought of it is worth sharing my initial 24 hrs. of usage experience with you all which may help you in one or the other way.

Before sharing my experience, i'd like to give you a little background how and why i chose this phone. So, after my Nexus 6p's motherboard broke down, i was looking for a device in budget segment with stock android and decent hardware. After waiting for several months and almost buying Nokia 7 plus and Asus Zenfone Max Pro, i finally preordered this one on the launch day itself i.e., 21st August 2018. Top reasons being Android One, Premium build and Decent Hardware.

Now here are my Initial impressions:

Build and Design: Simply put, its outstanding and way better than Xiaomi, Asus and Honor counterparts. Very Ergonomic yet gives you ample screen real estate for any sort of content consumption. Glass Build and notch gives it a modern look and feel.

Performance: UI is zippy, no lag or stutters. i have installed tons of apps ranging from games to general utilities. Everything works flawless.

Camera: Great in ideal lighting conditions, bokeh , normal, slow motion all modes produces nice results but in dark situations, pictures don't look good and i noticed this when i installed Google camera and compared the results. So, this limitation can be overcome by using GCam.

Battery: i can assure you, it will definitely get you can entire day with 10-15% left. Charging takes around 1 hr 45 mins from 0 to 100%.

So far experience has been quite pleasing, let's see how it holds in long term when it comes to hardware durability and OS updates.

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 Congrats on your new phone. Enjoy :)

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Whats the first boot time?

Great that you share in hand experience. I preorder the phone. !!eagerly  waiting!!

Got mine too...what a phone..!!

first boot time> i didn't measure exactly, but roughly less than 60 seconds, pls correct of someone has measured accurately.

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