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What really grinds my gears

So the sole purpose of a pre booking or pre order is to have that feeling of exclusivity for exchange of the trust you are placing on the company by giving them your commitment . Now I would get if the issue would have been late delivery or some other physical factor , however the main issue is the fact that they have kept us in complete dark and have not even tried to explain themselves , people who bought it from Flipkart are receiving earlier than the guys who pre ordered is this a joke ? I am perfectly happy waiting and am in no rush but at least tell me what is happening be communicative with the community that has given you their trust and the fact that this company is not a strartup rather a electronics Giant baffeles me more . You guys need to get your act together , if you did not have enough "blue" varient of the phone then why let them be pre ordered ? Why am I giving in Delhi and having it pre booked on 24th not able to get hands on the phone before a guy who went on Flipkart and bought it there using COD . Don't get me wrong the phone is an absolute beauty but being an experienced company you should be able to deliver on your promise , I have till now not seen any post with a reply from a company executive or community manager . I would expect some compensation for all of us who pre booked and did not receive in time . My heart goes out to all you folks living far from Delhi .

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