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Phone returned in the Middle of Shipment Automatically

I've Pre-ordered Nokia 6.1 plus through emissions, and Now in the middle of shipping The status changed to Returned automatically... When I contacted Nokia via FB, they said it's because my payment has failed... Bur From my Card statement it's clear that the amount was debited and Successfully converted to EMI just the Day before Shipping it... What can I do now??..

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are you from kerala

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Yeah, From Trivandrum... The Phone Actually reached my city... After that the status is showing returned..
Ashik is it really u man?
Thannede... Vann Scene aayi... 
Nee annu book cheyythathu

ath payment fail ayende onnum alla...keralathilekkulla ella orderum return cheyyuva...flood aanu reson enn parayunnnu

Athu TVM il ethiyatha... Ennitta Return aayath... (According to Delhivery Shipment status... Anyone else have same issue??

everyone in kerala has same issue ...ellardem order thottadutha hub il und...chilarde banglore lekk vittu

Dear Brothers, I am from Trivandrum and I have the same issue, the last update was that the order reached Trivandrum Hub and it was returned automatically
Ennan ningal order cheydad
Me on Aug 22 Morning... 
Me on 27... blue varient
Did any one got the money back? if so in how many days?
I will be glad if I get my money back, NOKIA is no more
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