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problems in nokia 8

1. no option to disable the navigation key light 2. earpiece and loudspeaker will accumulate dust but not an important issue the sound quality remains same. 3. no indication of fast charging 4. no led indicator in nokia phones it is in xiaomi too 5. the camera is very poor very laggy to focus and worst in night samsung galaxy s6 have better optics 6. only amoled panels burn no way the ips lcd of nokia 8 too 7. why was steel color introduced worst looking phone 8. low 3090mah battery big body but surprised the battery is well optimized with os but if we could get at least 3500mah we would be thankful. 9. dust accumulated between the body and camera separation.

Most of those are not problems at all, they are personal opinions.

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10. there is no fm radio and infrared sensor
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