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Regarding August patch of Nokia 6.1 Plus

Yesterday i received august patch for my device but there are some major issues with it. Firstly, option to hide a notch is removed (Status Bar Style) from settings, please GIVE BACK the option to hide a notch in the next update. Few apps are also crashing like chrome. Unnecessary apps are added without any prior notification. Info: Update size: 381.8 MB What's new: improved system stability. And, update Google security patch 2018-08.

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Yep i want the option to hide notch back as well

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Opinion seconded. Please bring back the "full bezel" option to hide notch in the next update.
Yes.The ability to hide the notch can always be the users choice. Also, the Nokia 6.1plus needs a camera update as it struggles to capture noise less images in low lighting conditions.If the camera is improved, the nokia 6.1 plus is a killer phone at its segement. Hope Nokia does things better in the next update.
Most Con's 1. Please enable to hide the notch display which was removed in the recent update(August Update) and also Enable the YouTube notch view display 2.Make sure that Adaptive brightness display sensor work normal it some times goes very High at night times. 3.improve the camera at night times pictures are coming very dark. 4.Ram management is also need to improve. 5.636 processer supports Dual VoLTE please enable it also. 6.

Yeah! Same issue. Did anyone had an issue in which option for stop creating shortcuts for newly installed apps on the home screen couldn't be founded in android version (v8.1)? (not in the Play Store app, not in the launcher settings either)

@marvinvekariya unfortunately that cannot be done on the Nokia phones. You'll need to switch to a different launcher to stop new apps from appearing on the homescreen.


I am facing ”random WiFi disconnections and then it connects again automatically” in my Nokia 6.1 Plus. Note: I have the August Security Patch. Is it just me or any of you are having the same issue?
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