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Launcher . System UI

My phone launcher and system ui aren't working properly....

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You'll have to give a little more information than that.
The launcher and system UI gets stopped working ........ And the camera stops working as i open it . Camera gets lagged in opening

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Because the system UI doesn't work.... The phone gets stucked .... Or it hangs as Samsung phone for 5-6 min
Unfortunately it will only get worst with time,,just use this phone koz it will get updates and plan for a Fon u can easily root and has good developers community like Poco f1 that is a good Fon ,,hmd doesn't want to make their fons work well so that u will buy a new one esap even when the one you have is better ,,like untill apple was caught on slowing down foms that would otherwise work well after battery replacement,,they throttled it for fishy reasons ,,now hmd is purposefully also neglecting or having poor optimisation ND camera functions so that u will buy next new thing ,,if u buy Nokia for better value u will be disappointed,,this is the only Fon u can't even flash it if u brick it or get stuck on bootloader for whatever reason u can teload the original firmware or ROM to reverse damages ,u screw it and u happen to stay in a far area from Nokia care ,,,ur done if it's your only device
So my phone is Nokia 6.1 ... Tis phone is better or worst???
Sounds like u have installed...apks from outside play store ...dont do that ... Clear caches from defected apps & restart. If doesn't work ..reset ur phone.
Out of play store yeah vidmate..... Ok
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