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Order not shipping. Poor customer support team.

Order on 30th August, i am from Hooghly, West Bengal. Ordered the black colour order #25791. Contacted customer chat service, they told me that device will be shipped yesterday but it didn't. Today they said it will be shipped, kindly wait and it will be delivered within 3-4 working days. I am confused if the device is not even shipped how can i get it in 3-4 days. It would have been better to order on 6th September via flipkart as they provide next day delivery. Such a shame Nokia for taking orders that you can't cope up with.

same here ...my order number is 24###

Have no idea what Nokia is doing. Atleast it would have been better if they provided Cash on Delivery but after paying 16k and receiving such poor support is unexpected from Nokia. Hoping the device lives upto the expectations. Fingers crossed

worst experience ever

yes absolutely worst experience ever.

i think we made a mistake

Yes flipkart would have been a better option


Hello Friend let trend this nokia spam on Twitter then I think we can get our device or money back


i don't use Twitter. But good idea

The device won't be shipped till Tuesday.  tomorrow and day after tomorrow are off days the don't work on sunday and off-days. So don't think the device will get shipped before Tuesday.

Its like will take more than five days to get delivered.

Why Monday is a off day??
Did anyone got a buyback button on their order page?
Or take your issue to consumer forum, they will definitely clear your problem
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