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6.1 not really reliable.

Hello. I just wanted to share my thoughts on my Nokia 6.1 after a month of usage. I previously had a Nexus 5X for almost 3yrs. And when that phone just gave up on me I started looking for a successor. And when I discovered that Nokia had launched smart phones that finally seemed to be up to for the competitor challenge I was really happy. I had Nokia's throughout my whole teenage years with the classic 3210 and 3310. So I went ahead and purchased a Nokia 6.1 this time. Initially I was really impressed and happy with the phone. But after about 2 weeks I started to experience "System UI failure" and signal reception on both LTE and Wifi became really intermittent. Phonecalls just broke off and apps just freeze up. Now it's been 4 weeks since my purchase and I am almost considering to retire it already. Which is really sad because I really wanted my Nokia to last longer. It's starting to come to that point where I CANT rely on the phone to function. For info I haven't installed any super heavy apps. Few different emails, FB, Insta, eBay, Craigslist, camera app, weather app, storytell, Uber, and some more misc apps. I really hope that Nokia can step up and correct these things otherwise they won't last long this time around.
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