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Pre ordered not yet delivered

Hi I have pre ordered Nokia 6.1plus on 27-Aug, not yet received any update from Nokia or shipment... , checked with support team, been telling same story soon it will be shipped, , order no is 21***, When we will get shipment mail ?? Frustrated with Nokia delivered service, they are not updating correct status, why should they have taken pre order if they are not able to deliver on time...

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I ordered on 31st august and it says. They say shipment will start on 6th september
I have also pre order on 29 august but still not a single update received from Nokia about shipment

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Same condition here, ordered on 27th, not yet shipped, frustrated... As per pre order they should have shipped on 31st only..
Did anyone got their phone which was ordered on 30 August or ordered before 30 August
My order reached my city and will be delivery tomorrow
My shipping date is 6th September and delivery location is mumbai so when will i get my phone?
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