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Cell temperature is 49 degree after 10 minutes video surfing on youtube

I just got my cell a day back ,just surfing for videos or playing basic game my cell temperature is going up by 49 degree I am unable to play or surf more than 10 mins it's become too hot , Is anybody else is facing any issue or my one is defaulted only Shall I return this cell as it comes with 10 day return policy

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I have experienced a similar thing. Especially if you are in an environment with high ambient temperature. Such as outside in the sun. My phone shutdown with warning that phone is have overheated. Had to put it inside with A/C for 15min before I could use it again.

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I am using cell phone in indoor condition ,where room temperature is not more then 25 degree.. I don't know what happen to this mobile in high ambient temperature.

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I am facing same problem and i have received it yesterday. Within first one hour temperature was around 44° c. I have even visited customer care center of my city, they said its quit normal for nokia. But i was not expecting something like this from company like nokia
If the problem sustain I have to return this cell , as it under 10 days replacement ...... How can somebody use the cell if the temperature is near about 50 degree , it will effect the life of the cell phone...... North worth it , if this is a common problem Xiaomi is much bbtr. ( I will prefer pocco )

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Bro, 50°c is not normal, Nokia should fix this issue, if this problem persists in all x6's if will definitely affect performance and life of the product. It's said that Nokia will be rolling out update for bugy camera and heating issue. I've ordered it today and shipping starts from sept6th

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I don't think so it's normal ,temp above 45 degree is not good for cell hardware lyf. That's to in a room temperature of 22-25 degree it's clocking till 50 degree what will happen when use this cell in Delhi summer where normal temp is 40 degree , , That's too only in using 15 min use , I will suggest not to book this cell untill Nokia not resolve the issue...., It's hard earn money bro..... Before this cell I had used Nokia for 5 yr even the window phone , not acceptable from Nokia ,

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Yes bro, hope they solve these issues,
I am also facing similar issue. The handset heats up during normal browsing and call. The service centre people say that temperature up to 45-48 degree Celsius is normal for Nokia device. The main can't use your handset in such high temperature . Even holding it near your face during call is difficult. This is first such type of issue which I have faced in any android phones till now.

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