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When can I expect my shipment to start

I preordered Nokia 6.1 plus on 29th Aug and my order # 24020 but my shipment not yet started. I didn't receive any tracking details from nokia. Whereas flipkart customers who ordered on 30th aug got their phone within 24 hrs and we who preordered are waiting for the shipment to atleast start. I never expected this from company like NOKIA. 

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There's difference between pre-orders and regular orders. For pre orders shipping starts from 1st September. And talking about Flipkart sale , they will always fill there stocks with limited number of pieces, thus the product is already present in there storage units they'll shipped soon. But in pre order case they will order the pieces according to in a bulk from the manufacturer to the inventory. And this changes or takes time if demand is high, but they'll try to ship soon. To understand easy Nokia x6 has a equal demand as MI note 5pro.

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I just pre-ordered the phone from the nokia website. Lets see when it gets delievered.

When did you place the order bro.

In Delhi bro. when should i expect the delivery?

When did you purchase? In my case I ordered it today and said my shipping starts from September 6th. I feel actually this problem is due to lack of stock in there inventory, resulting in poor delivery's. Hope they'll fix there inventory issues.
I ordered it just an hour ago, i.e. on 2nd sept around 1 am.
I know you're excited to unbox. Me too , you should have received confirmation email that shipping starts from 6th September, in my case I did receive.
Yeah very much excited, even so that i am currently using Redmi note 5 pro still i placed order for this. Will sell note 5pro only after receiving the device. Also i have only received two emails as of now, one of payment confirmation and other of order confirmation having order no and saying that once shipping starts details will be shared.

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I've also received only the order confirmation and payment confirmation emails looking forward for Nokia to deliver it ASAP as the payment is already done. 

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Yeah. I am also hoping that since my address is of Delhi itseld, they might deliver it at the earliest.

Delhi is where the warehouse is or what ? My location is Mumbai so i was expecting it soon will wait till morning to hear back from them if they fail will have to call to the customer care 

Yeah the distribution is done from Delhi.
I placed order on 30Aug on Nokia site and just got the message with AWB number, but they didn't mentioned anything about the courier company, so anyone know about the same let me know and possibly I will get if I got the message today.
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