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Its about time for team Nokia to respond

Though there are tons of other options present...Lot of people waited so long to buy this, hoping that Nokia cloud give the best out of everything..I'm sure many people like me might be suggesting their friends and family to buy this model..  

And every one are very eagerly waiting to show this iconic model to everyone ...

But now I guess team Nokia a making very big mistake in delivering the product that people had paid days ago..

At least there is no proper intimation of expected time of delivery..From weeks all of your trusted costumers are struggling to get the shipping done..And most of them have tons of issues..But team Nokia seems to be neglecting anyways..

I'm one of the hardcore fan of Nokia..Please give proper customer care support and resolve the issues for everyone..

We still love you Nokia..


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Even I tried to reach via email and call but no luck.. Even offline partners don't have this model and they are suggesting to buy Nokia 6.1. Nokia should have a offline store available...
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