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Unable to receive messages

Got my phone on 1st Sep and was downloading other apps, so few apps required OTP, but I wasn't receiving OTP for any of the apps then I found out that I can only send messages but can't receive, I don't know what to do here.

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Now that's a serious problem if we use our mobile for OTP transactions.
Yup, that's what I am afraid of!
Am also having same problem. Have u got the solution?
Yes. Here you need to contact your mobile operator and let them know that you aren't receiving any messages. In my case, they told it would take 24 hours to receive messages, once you change your SIM
Probably you didn't gave the permission for sending and receiving sms during app installation.. Give permission,it will work..
Check the messages app pre installed and give the necessary permissions... I've bought the mobile in the 1st sale and am not facing any issues with messages
The problem is not probably not with every user but for the ones who have changed or upgraded their SIM
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