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Received the pre-order for Nokia 6.1 plus

I received my Nokia 6.1 plus device today in the morning with an order number 14877... If anybody else also received the order kindly post here too so that we all may know about the delivery speed of Nokia, #FatherofMobiles returns......

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But I don't have my mobile 6.1 PLUS delivery. I have ordered 24 Aug. No shipping and delivery messages. What I do plz help me.where I contact about in this.plz help me
What is your mobile colour . That deliver to you


Is there not any delivery tracking number in your order page. It was given at my order page where i track it and today it was delivered. Rather you can contact chat support at official page of the option for this is given at the bottom.

Can you please share with us how to track it my order no. is 18414 for a nokia 6.1plus blue. Where is the option to track its not showing up on my pc or on my phone




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