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Nokia way of cheating customers and looting money

Pre-Ordered Nokia 6.1 Plus on 08/23 trusting company promise to start shipping on 08/31. So far no updates on order except the first confirmation. Customer service is like promot messages ‘wait for some more time’. Mails will not even get an acknowledgement. But they money was taken from card on time ‘just amazing’. If we need to cancel order need to send mails (god knows what will happen to the mails). Biggest comedy is people ordered even after mine received the phones, also people who ordered through Flipkart on 8/31 received the package. Nokia is doing a great job here ...

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May be stock issues, but they should send a update regarding delay or such.

If there is a delay they should let customers know the same, this is just like they took money and no intimation on the shipping or delivery.

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I m also in the same situation. And its just pissing me off that they are not reporting back to us. I have tried calling their helpline number it just says the number dosent exist if i call during hours and if i call before or after hours it says call during hours. I have tried all methods of reaching out to them, what is left for me is just walk into a nokia priority partner store

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you better contact consumer forum.

@somadhar Called customer care, tried chat also email. Do you have any other way to suggest where I get a proper answer other than ‘wait for sometime ‘??

you did everything possible, yes, there customer service is bad, hope they'll deliver soon when stock arrives. Nokia services are not bad as MI .

I hope they deliver it within a week because my father is going beserek

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Stand out and tell your story, wow  there're many here

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Finally I got tracking updates .. it’s arriving on Sep 05 .
Hey ajith r u a keralite? If u r, let me know whether ur order gets delivered or returned...

i booked it on 30th august a with order id 252** and got the shipping details yesterday.

@Sonuraj Yes bro ! , I am from Ernakulam. I just got the tracking updates, delivery is scheduled to be on Sep 5th.

Hey bro...did u get the phone?
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