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Google Contact update not received

Did any else didn't receive update for Google Contacts v3.0? My friend have Nokia 7 plus, same as me, we both have TA-1046 model, and we live in same country. But still he received update for Google Contacts v3.0 several days ago while I'm still stuck on v2.8.

Well, that has nothing to do with Nokia. It is just Google pushing updates in batches. Some users did not receive the Android Messages V3.5 update till now but some others did. So, fear not, the updates will come to you eventually. If you want the new features at the earliest, download the apk from apkmirror or some other site and install it.

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I've it has nothing to do with Nokia, Google does the software part, but everyone with Nokia 7 plus had received it, I didn't. Also I'm not on Android Messages v3.5 either. The update date on Play Store is too old for my device, meanwhile everyone else got it the same day it was updated on Play Store.

I have received the Contacts v3.0 update today. May be you will also get that in two or three days.

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