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Trust Nokia Guys

Guys I am using Nokia from more than 20years and I trust Nokia as a strong company, they are doing a comeback with a bang, we should support the company, as they are legends in mobile phones, rest all are already vanished or merged. Nokia phones are unbeatable and I call them invincible. I am sure You all will get your mobile phones and trust me you will be happy to hold the device in your hand once you received ur order. Be calm and trust Nokia, because legends remain victorious in spite of history.

 We trust Nokia and hence purchased this device. What we are only worried of is we are kept in dark. Let them inform us we will take time to ship your mobile which is pre-ordered almost a week ago. We are only worried of this attitude at this point of time. We want them to improve on this front as well.

Most of the posts you see here are for this very reason that communication is very poor from them.

Thanks Sai bro for your comment, I just got another message stating the phone will be delivered today and gave the courier company name and I saw the tracking, it's showing that I will get the phone today.
I just got my phone......its in my hand......awesome feeling

 Enjoy :)

Hey Rajvir, may I know when u booked ur phone??

What's your location? cuz we are still waiting!

I think he is just buffing.. 

yup or busy in his phone

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