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Camera stabilisation fault

Has anyone else found that when they start the camera the optical image stabilisation system seems to oscillate at full speed with a buzzing sound? Photos are wiggly when this happens. It usually sorts itself out if you stop the camera then restart it. I suspect a hardware fault however so I'll take my phone back to the shop as it is getting pretty consistent.

A few people have experienced it since the "pro" camera update, AKAIK no one has offered a solution other than hang on in there and hope Nokia update the app.

I also have the same problem which is really annoying. No one is having solution nor Nokia , hmd mobile is interested in solving this issue.

Tech Wizard

Hardware faults can't be repaired over the Internet.
I had the same issue. I raised a ticket with Nokia and sent it off for repair under warranty. They fixed it (and replaced my screen which was nice as it had some slight scratching) and it took a week in total to get it back. It isn't something that can be fixed through an update.

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