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Random sounds no other notification

My 5 week old phone has suddenly started making a sound at random intervals, there are no notifications to go along with it, there are no flags on any icons and no mention of a recent activity from any app. The sound is not one that is available as. An alarm, a notification sound or a ring tone. Is there any way that I can find it and turn it off. Has anyone else suffered these sort of sounds please.

Based on my experience, i had similar problem too couple months ago and i think your problem is the NFC is turn ON. When i put the phone near my wallet is always making sounds but no notifications appear, i don't know why until i turn OFF the NFC and it's gone. The NFC is read the chip from cards in my wallet and making sounds, hope this solve your problem
Thank you for that, I gave it a try and failed it still pings and gives no indication of why. It seems to ping at random times, but for a time after charging it does not do so until the charge is less than 50%, but that is just an observation that I need to watch more carefully for a bit longer.
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