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Desperately need help! Regret choosing Nokia

Hi Team, This is Barath, I recently placed an order of Nokia 6.1 plus, it was shipped through dhelivery and in the tracking I found that it was returned automatically, when I asked dhelivery logistics about the same I was informed that the order was requested to return by HMDglobal, I called Nokia customer regarding the same and they mentioned that they check on this and will get back to me, I waited for two days still no response, when I Called customer care, the call was automatically disconnected multiple times,just like blocking, I don’t receive any proper response through chat, I apologise and regret for making business with Nokia, I made a big mistake of choosing Nokia and I assure that I would never make business with Nokia in future, neither my friends. Please help me either with the product I purchased, or refund the money I spent, or a valid response containing reason and solution. Regret choosing Nokia and will never in my lifetime.

What's the delivery location? If it's Kerala, orders are being called back for unknown reasons, there is another thread which talks about the same, you might follow that.
How did u come to know that your order was returned automatically??? Say please because I am afraid now...!
Yes I my location is kerala, Trivandrum, the life is normal here, nothing like transportation issue, but from the dhelivery order tracking I found that my order reached my city and then it was returned, when I contacted dhelivery, they mentioned that it was a recall from Nokia, may be they are trying to fool us by saying there is flood in Kerala as if they know what is in Trivandrum. This is highly intolerable online fraud, no proper updates like other ecom sites. No proper response from customer care team, not sure if Nokia needed some fund to manage production so they took our money in advance in the name of preorder and pretended to ship the product and they returned on their own, dear fellow Indians, be prepared to sue Nokia
Please take screenshots conversations like this going on in all the forums before Nokia deletes them, it will be helpful for us in future

Yes, For Kerala, Nokia has informed in one of the forums, that they have ordered return, you can ask re-delivery or money back. Hoe That helps

Just before a while I contacted customer service, I was informed that there is some team investigating on it, they will get back to me, they are not assuring any reshipment or refund. In fact the customer service agent herself did not know what’s going on, full of lousy statements like “shipment failed due to flood” and there was no flood or transportation issue in Trivandrum, how is it even possible that my order came to Trivandrum and was returned, Nokia is cheating upon us. That’s the truth.
Did anyone at lease get the refund initiated message? @USERind
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