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Delivery issue

I have pre ordered Nokia 6.1 plus on 1st September and they have mentioned that shipment will start from 6th September but after seeing so many discussions I came to conclusion that it will get late and I am very much worried can any one tell me will it exactly starts from 6th September or will it get late???

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Hi Manoj! I also placed the order on 1st September 2018: 6.1 plus 64gb black variant. My order no. Is 280** and I'm presuming that yours is also around mine so if you don't mind can we be in touch via mail regarding updates on order and/or communication with Nokia? You can contact me at

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I ordered it on September 1st tooand they did say that delivery will start from 6th.  Hopefully you have got the order number after payment in your mail too. They will send a mail later when they are ready to ship your phone. I did a small experiment in order to know if my phone is really ready to be delivered. Without any shipping confirmation I just used my order number on this everyone keeps saying that they are handling it). Since I ordered it on 1st of this month I just found today that my shipment is at HQ(Haryana) and status is Consignment Manifested.Hopefully it's the right info and my method is right. So, my recommendation is just keep verifying if it matches this "Consigment Manifested" status on the website of Delhivery. 

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Sameer thank you for helping me with providing information I checked the same method but my order id didn't appear so I don't have any way to track it down

I have Pre Ordered on 23rd Aug and Still have not received the phone. I am in pune. I think better way was to order it from flipkart. 

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I have raised complaint they are asking me to wait for 48 hrs, they still not have any update, frustrated with Nokia care.

I should check these discussions and should have pre ordered it. I didn't expect this horrible service from Nokia

Don't think anyone who order after 31 have got an update about this except for the fact that it's going to start from 6th. I guess we have to wait till then.  Product overwhelmingly had more buyers than they thought and most of the comments about the delivery have been negative so far.Hopefully we get an update tomorrow

Then how come Flipkart people getting there delivery on time, except nokia customers 

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so my experiment was a success. My order has been picked and this is my status. image

Sameer.. i booked on 2nd.. i havent received any shipping mail yet.. Could i track the product in any way?
Hi Sameer, I've just contacted customer service and they said the shipment will starts from 6th of September ...and I'm also checked the Delhivery site with my order number they said the shipment will be delivered by tomorrow I think maybe the Delhivery's information was for Another percel.
Guys I am desperately waiting for the product but these Nokia people are not giving any response and showing negligence towards customers anyway we got stuck by paying money only way is to wait if we cancel the order it will take time to get our refund!!

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Bithin it showed the same with my order.. i checked in delhivery too

I will just wait for tomorrow. Hopefully some response comes. 

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