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Not charging rapidly

Nokia 6.1 plus. The device showing just "charging" not "charging rapidly". It is not charging rapidly even when not in use. The previous Nokia 6.1 used to charge rapidly. But not this Nokia 6.1 plus

Phone supports fast charging,but the charger provided in box is normal charger. Try using a fast charger and see.
The previous 6.1 used to charge rapidly even with the in box charger. This 6.1 plus too sometimes shows "charging rapidly" for a minute and then charges normally
I even tried the quick charger, yet the phone is not charging rapidly
It's normal even my Nokia 7+ does like that, fast charging works only while screen is off and fast charging stops when screen is active, it's to prevent overheating while charging and using at same time ,don't panic.
Locked screen and charging rapidly. About 2h to finished.
It's not charging even when the screen is off. Its taking about 2 hours from 40% to 90%.
As far as i know Nokia 6+ won't come with the fast charger it's normal 10v charger, try with 18v charger it'll work
Sorry made a mistake in last comment. Nokia 6+ comes with normal 5v charger, try with 10/12v charger it'll work
I tired the 12V fast charger too. The problem persists.
Fast charging only works up to 80% after that it'll charge slowly like 30min to full 100%, it's common for every smartphone, my Nokia7+ takes 1:52/55 roughly 2hrs so it's normal, keep in mind fast charging are for quick top-up, don't forget to turn off screen while charging.
It's not charging rapidly even though the battery is at 20% and the phone's screen is off. Is it a hardware fault or a software glitch?
Whenever you turn on screen it changes from charging rapidly to charging observe yourself, it's not a bug it's to prevent overheating while using.
Its taking too long for about 3 hours from 30% to 90% even when the screen is off. I checked it yesterday.
Do a full battery drain, charge it and see. If it takes more than 3hrs to full charge better ask for replacement.
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