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My requirements in a phone

I have had an Iphone since the first one came. I have either inherited my wifes or got one from work. Then I was in need of a workphone with a number that had been in use for years, and my private one. I got tired of carrying two phones around, and then bought a 6.1 with twinSim. I have had it for aprox 4 months, and have used som time to learn Android One. I am 50+ and not a power user. I use it to call, sms, and checking mail. Sometimes surfing, but not a lot. I think the 6.1 is too big for my pockets, so I will try out a 1 to see if that one has enough HW to be ok for my simple needs. 4,5" screen will be sufficiant. What are your experiences with the low-end Nokia 1, do you think i will suit my simple requirements?
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This phone is certainly not for multitasking. Its a feature phone in the name of smartphone. It wont event keep a single app in background when using. I don't recommend it to anyone now. But if you are okay for a small handy phone for call texts browsing gmail then you can go for it. Again, it not worth the money you spend. 1 Gb ram phones do much much better.

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