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Still no word from Nokia?

It's very apparent that the 6.1 users have voiced problems with the 6.1 device, particularly the memory issues and camera. I myself are very frustrated with the phone too after just 2 months it's doing my head in, and so disappointed I spent my savings on it, it's taken me ages to have enough money to spend on a new phone. But what really frustrated me is the lack of communication from Nokia as to when or if they will sort problem out. I was so excited to get this phone and being Nokia and all, but if they can't be bothered to get back to the customers I won't be bothered to return to Nokia in future, after all mobile phone manufacturers do rely on repeat buisness. But to expect it after just a few months is criminal! Please Nokia, sort your house out and give us some answers!

I feel the exact same way, spent three months worth of savings on this phone, and have been so disappointed with the constant camera problems (caused by first the location bug and the abysmal memory management bug). And yeah, the worst is that they refuse to communicate regarding it. Still hoping for a fix but otherwise I'm jumping ship the moment I can.

till now i didn't have any issues using Nokia6.1 4GB/64GB variant due to use of ccleaner and All In One Toolbox for Cache/RAM Cleaning and For Camera,Try Google Camera apk for good Portrait and Google Motion Features. "googlecamera-pixel2mod-arnova8g2-v7-final.apk" is very good as compared to Nokia Camera.Its having portrait feature which is very good(Keep Settings HDR+Enhanced).Lens Blur not working but we got *portrait mode* very useful on Rear Camera and *google motion* is fantastic.Try Everyone This Google Apk Very nice and Clear.
Yes i have same issues :( Pls Nitin stop with that we need to download apps its not a real sollution We need a update and thats all
WizzarD I just think unless and untill nokia camera app get improve you can taste Google Camera Apk.I doesn't say u must download it.If u don't like it you don't.But One Word I say I have captured My Friend Portrait believe me its brilliant that's why i recommend it.Afterall do it what u like it.Same Device I have also so i share my thoughts.
WizzarD did you connect pen drive On Nokia6.1 using Type C OTG Cable.I have problem with that my device could not detect or connect Pen Drive i.e.Sony 32GB FAT32.But When i connect USB Card Reader,USB Keyboard and Mouse it getting connect on Same USB Type C OTG Cable.
Nitin, do one thing, disable All in one Toolbox and try to see if your phone also has the memory bug by downloading "Developer Toolbelt- Fill RAM". If the phone hangs you have it too, and it's better for everyone that it gets fixed.
thecripplednewt i did earlier.I had installed Developer Toolbelt- Fill RAM and when 300MB Remain at that time my device get hang and same problem happen with Redmi Note 4 and Redmi Note 5 Pro and Motorolla G5S Plus.
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