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'Buy back' appeared later in the order

Now I see 'Buy back' right below the phone image in my Order summary. It was not there earlier. Appeared later. What does it mean or convey ? It is not a link. What is Nokia doing ? is anybody watching ? Is there anybody there t help customers ? Why am I not getting replies to the mails that I've sent ? 

I realize that it's meaningless to contact Nokia Customer Care and so I am writing to Mary McDowell.

Mary McDowell might not help. Try below contacts.


On a serious note, i received my order today, 2 days before buy back got enabled. When did you pre order the device , which color, shipping address? i am assuming you will get the device in couple of days. Hope for the best

Why I see 'Buy back' below the image of the phone, in my Order summary ? It's not a link.

Can anybody help explain what it implies ?

The consignment has reached the destination hub in Trivandrum, but many people has mentioned that the consignment after reaching it's destination, is being returned without any obvious reason. Please check the topic 'Order returned after Shipping! Anyone facing this issue?' The people at Delhivery local office has honestly confided that the consignments get returned following instructions of the client ( Nokia).

Mary has helped me earlier ( pretty quick too ) with some other problems related to Nokia, whenever I contacted her.

Sai Kiran I got today buy back button I ordered from Bangalore pls help when I will receive
Hi, I ordered device on 26th aug for which shipping was supposed to start from 31st Aug. On 1st September buyback option got enabled. On 2nd I received a SMS and mail on 4th I received phone. Mine is blue colour. Hope this helps.
Sai Kiran S from where the mobile came for you

i ordered on 2nd and today it appeared buyback ..i didnt even get mail of shipping

can anyone suggest me what can i do?


user1535938852246 , From Haryana - Delhi - Bangalore.

Don't worry. I had apprehensions when I noticed that in my Order summary. Anyway, I got the phone on 5th September ( ordered on 30th Aug) and the Buyback that appeared after I ordered is still visible in the Order  summary. Wonder what it implies & why Nokia has added something to add more confusion to the already confused apprehensive customers.   

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