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Bootloader unlock, when?

 Since no one asked this, i need a genuine answer from Nokia :

When are you going to allow the boot-loader to be unlocked on Nokia 8 Sirocco? You have failed your promise and also you are infringing the GPL.

Please give a ETA for boot-loader unlock availability please !!

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 I hope somebody from Nokia answers this. However, so far, everybody from Nokia or HMD Global's work team is ignoring everybody who talks about bootloader unlocks. They only showed some interest last year while responding to some tweets. Ever since then, they ignore any further tweets or messages.

I'll just add some references for whoever is browsing this thread.

A long Nokia 7 Plus thread about the same topic - Petition asking Nokia to unlock the bootloades -

Nokia blocked unofficial unlocks with the August update -

XDA article reminding Nokia of its delayed promise -

That said, the Nokia 8 Sirocco was never unlockable (even the unofficial way) before August. I am still counting on Nokia that they will address this. I'm losing my patience though :(

This is the Nokia phones community. But nobody from Nokia's or FIH's tech team comes here to look at user queries.

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