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Bug in calling

Speaker turns on automatically on nokia 8 ta-1004 the speaker will still shown as off but the audio is routed through the speaker until we manually turn on speaker and turn off again... I'm posting these only for the goodwill of nokia 8 users,hoping that someone would read these and notify the bugs to the respective people. this is my last bug report. And I'm gonna sell my nokia 8. Because the other brands doesn't forget their customers.

Well look hmd is a small company but their product portfolio is big, so they're having a hard time managing it. With the small workforce they've got they need to focus on fixing errors of already launched devices, think about future and keep their promise of providing updates. I also think the support chat is outsourced to some other company since they got no time. But there is not one company that doesn't care abt its customers. They are nothing without us. Anyway it's entirely up to the customer to wait patiently with Nokia or choose another brand that gives 100% satisfaction because its not the old Nokia we know and hmd will take time to settle. Im sure they'll get better in the future. And maybe i talk like this because i have had no issues with my phone but that is my take.

Tech Wizard

Google is responsible for Android and the built-in apps in Nokia Android phones. Issues in Google's apps must be reported via the 3-dot menu > Help and feedback. - Also please consider that a screen protector may be the culprit for erratic screen behaviour and proximity sensor issues.
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