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Can't track delivery status & neither received any confirmation msg on mobile

I ordered a black Nokia 6.1 Plus two days back but I am not able to track my order. I tried to call customer care but no one responded back. Mailed the same issue still no reply. They don't even msg you once the order is placed and neither give updates of delivery process. How much time does it take to deliver in Mumbai ? 

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You are not really going to get a reply that soon. Try to remember if they have mentioned when they will start shipping after payment. Hopefully you have got the order number after payment in your mail too. They will send a mail later when they are ready to ship your phone. I did a small experiment in order to know if my phone is really ready to be delivered. Without any shipping confirmation I just used my order number on this everyone keeps saying that they are handling it). Since I ordered it on 1st of this month I just found today that my shipment is at HQ(Haryana) and status is Consignment Manifested.Hopefully it's the right info and my method is right. So, my recommendation is just keep verifying if it matches this "Consigment Manifested" status on the website of Delhivery. 

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Yes they mailed me the order number. As you said handles the shipment I tracked mine too. And it's showing my shipment is in Surat, Gujarat and status is " consignment dispatched from origin city". Thank you so much Sameer :) ..I can sleep tonight :P 

while tracking they even mention when it's going to reach you. Mine said 9th of this month

Same here. So we'll both receive our mobiles on same day.
How are you guys so sure that it is your order only? Orders are specific to waybill number on the delhivery website not the order number. Order number can be same for 2 or more different orders it's the waybill number that is unique. You might be viewing someone else's package that may not be a phone at all because see delhivery is just a shipping service which is not only limited to Nokia so we can't really say anything unless Nokia provides us with relevant information which was supposed to be given by 6th September 2018 i.e. today. I know it's hardly 2-3 hours into 6th but I'm really feeling apprehensive about my phone. One more thing I noted is that Nokia 6.1 plus is not available for sale anymore on Nokia's own website, now I don't know how to feel about it
Also, my order number is 28***, placed on 1st September 2018, to be delivered in Hyderabad

You are not wrong about it. I just said that it maybe right since it kinda matches with the pic one of the guys in forum posted(He got his shipment). It started from Haryana(HQ). And I think these Order IDs are serial numbers in which orders were placed. Mine was 27***. Phone will be back in stock by tomorrow or later without worry. They did the same on 31st. Closed pre-orders on 31st even though there was still time and phones were shown out of stock. It was then available with buy option from 1st of September.

Also, this part in ``Manage Orders`` changed for me just yesterday. There was no option of ``Return order`` before 5th. image

Sike!!! We all got played dudeno phone no whereabouts no response from the company no refunds no cancellations. What a scam this brand is

Even mine "manage orders" has changed. I will wait till 9th Sept, if the shipment doesn't arrive on 9th then we are screwed. 

I got a reply to the mail I sent them today. They are saying it will take 3 to 4 days to reach us and also this is what they said in reply `` You will get the AWB Number on your registered E-mail ID after the shipment of your device and you can check your device order for that kindly visit the link here you enter your Waybill (AWB) number and check your order status.``

we'll ask the same on there fb page, what do you guys think

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Finally I got the mail " Your shipment is confirmed. We've accepted your order, and we're getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status. "

My shipment will reach by 10th Sept and they even gave me the tracking number i.e AWB No. 

Sorry for late update guys I wasn't at home for two days and was using Nokia 510(which didn't help me check my status or give a reply). I got the buyback yesterday and today got the mail that my phone has been shipped. They sent me the link of that guided me to my tracking ID. Today evening my shipment reached Hyderabad Hub. Hopefully I will get my phone tomorrow. I didn't get SMS however

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