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Bill Date and Phone Received Date - Warranty

I pre-ordered the phone on 26th Aug. I got the phone delivered 4th Sep, however the bill date is 1st Sep. Why should i lose warranty for 3 days ? Ideally warranty should be from a date once the phone is received. Any thoughts on this any one?

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 I have checked with Customer Care today on this. They said - Irrespective of when the product is received once the invoice is generated only, shipping of the product starts and then you will receive in a day or two. So in my case invoice is generated on 1st Sep and Product is received on 4th Sep. Warranty starts from 1st of Sep only.

People from Kerala who ordered , Product got shipped and returned back and is now re-shipping beware of this, you might lose 7-10 days of warranty for this reason.

Nokia should look into this at least in special cases like the Kerala orders.

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