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Over & over heating

Please do not buy until heating issue resolve , even watching only 15 min video on YouTube the cell temperature going till 49 degree c . The. Nokia Team says it's normal . I am not a first time android user . Cell looks beautiful that's true, but heating up very rapidly , gamers stay away from this device . If only want to use for calling & texting then buy , if you are a even moderate user , you will not be happy buying it....

Buddy, i am playing NFS No Limits, Asphalt 9 on this device. There is a heating issue as the processor gets head all cores are working so it's not a big deal. afterall it's a mid range phone

It's should heat soo much even browsing videos 15 min , does it's should go to 49 degree in 15 min , my last cell even using same processor ,but no issue like that , even it's 1000 RS cheaper then that , surely Nokia need too work out on that , mid segment is most competitive market ....... ,
Hello, Yes, It do have heating issue. Even I’m facing the same, I used to camera for 10-15mins and the device is like hot coffee in hand.
Hi, I am facing heating issue while charging also
How you measured temp
I have also heat issue but i noticed that my highest heating zone is 43C. I measures temp using support app>>device monitor
Its heating in normal usage of about 30 mins
Now temp range touches 49
Let's wait for the summers it will go upto 55 for sure , you can use it cooking as well , New feature hot plate 藍

This guide helps you solve the issue...


Does it helped you ...... Tried but no help same issue
Tried..no change
Even after all these things heating issue continues
Can this fixed by update??or can i replace it with new one?
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