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TA-1131 speculation

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Hi all, A new HMD type number, TA-1131, has been spotted in Chinese CCC certification. What do you fellow enthusiasts think this new phone might be? China specific model? New 7, or 7 plus? The Phoenix? 9? Something completely new? Cheers :)


i think that TA-1131 is Nokia 8 or Nokia 8 Pro(the Nokia flagship with snapdragon 845 without pentalens camera). Like this >>

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As I said elsewhere, I have read that the pictures of a "Fabula" like phone are fake, and I believe that because the HMD phones have a different shared design to the Fabula designs.

You might be right about it being the Nokia 8 Pro, or perhaps just 8.1, the next version of the Nokia 8.

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