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My Nokia 7 plus me 3.5mm audio jack problem and usb chargering problem

My device Nokia 7 plus me 3.5mm audio jack problem and usb chargering problem face ...... please my problem solve Nokia

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Same here with audio jack and heating issue during charging.
1. Type C port charging issue not heating issue. But type C port charging issue. Yeah problem mobile ko charge Lagane par hoti hai. A problem mobile charge Lagane par kuch time baad mobile automatic charge disconnect Milta Hai. Mobile se type C port ko nikal kar dubara Lagane par mobile charge Hota Hai. Yeah problem kabhi kabhi ek baar yeah kai baar baar hoti hai. Is problem Ke Baad mobile battery charging time be Jyada lagta hai. 2. 3. 5 mm audio jack problem.... Yeah problem earphone Laga hone ke bawjud be earphone laga hua nahi dikhata mobile aur yaar earphone nahi laga hua hone par earphone laga hua Dekhata hai . Yeah issue mobile ko reset karne par Chala Jata Hai. Yeah problem software issue yeah hardware issue hai. Yeah mobile mein software bugh hai . I am confusion . 3. Please solve my problem point 1 and 2.
I have a problem with the 3.5 connector. he has his own life. he is not very good friends with the headset, which is bundled.

I am facing problems with the USB Type C Charging port as well, I went to the Nokia Care centre and they said the replacement will take 20-25 days. 

Amazon takes 2 days to deliver a new phone and a simple repair will take 25 days? That's pretty dismal.

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