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why won't you allow bootloader unlock?

Dear nokia

The allure of a good android phone are the options each user potentially has via custom roms that suit his/her needs and tastes.

Though other smartphones with similar technical specifications would not cost nearly as much, the build quality would justify the price tag, but the stiffness of the ui throws it right under the bus (don't get me started on the camera app).

This device cost me around 19k inr (which is currently priced at 16265/- to add insult to injury),  and the locked boot loader irks me so much that i'd buy a second hand mi a1 over this, the minute i could afford it.

This policy of not enabling bootloader unlock will do you harm in the long run. For a brand that has come back from death (remember lumia?) you should be a bit more worried about what your customers have to say. What do you have to loose?

#freethebootloader #bootloaderunlock #nokia6.1

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