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September security bulletin

September security bulletin had been released, and updated code pushed by Google. Let's see how long it takes for us to get it! I still think there should be a beta programme for Nokia phones, one where the person is warned beforehand and opts in. By doing this they should get the update right away and bypass any carrier restrictions. Microsoft did this with Widows Phone Insider, so can be done. At it's opt in you accept responsibility for any bs carrier restriction.

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I would love to see something like this done. I'm still sitting on the June update. The only reason I bought this phone over a competitor's mid range phone was because of the Android One promise of regular updates. It's looking more and more likely that my phone will never be updated. This is my first Nokia phone...and my last.

Lets hope that it isn't just a security update- hopefully it will be a security update plus a maintenance release that will fix some issues.

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I'm still waiting for August.... I'm stck on June....
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