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Big issue after the August update

I got the Nokia 7 Plus latest update at September, which was called a August update named 242C.B02. I used Nokia 7 Plus in China.

I think I have found a big issue about the update. I hope someone can take care of it.

The problem is that I can not view the apps which hold YouTube videos that enabled auto playing feature.

For example, I opened Google Play Games app, and scrolling to the page showing YouTube videos and those videos are auto-played by default, the app closed immediately and I was back to the home screen.

If I open Google app to check the news, when I scrolled to the auto-playing videos news part, the app closed. 

As long as I am not scrolling to the video part, those apps works fine, Twitter auto-playing videos also work fine. 

Plus, I found the Google Play app store showing me the message that "The app is not optimized for your device". And the app store showing an option of "Tablet app" instead of "Phone app" on my Nokia 7 Plus, which is weird, because I don't have any tablet at all. Does my phone become a tablet after the updates?

Please consider those issues and make the phone better. Thanks!

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