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Camera Glitches

The camera app needs to be changed particularly the manual mode. There should be option to play with ISO and also the shutter speed. Also the button to click photos doesn't respond sometimes. Hope these would be fixed in the next update. And also low light photography to be improved.

Yes, I have also noticed the same.. Tap to focus and Cam touch button doesn't work sometimes when clicked.. Hopefully, nokia fix in the next update..

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There is continuous focus hunting while video recording... Even when the scene is still and same... Also no video recording pause button, and when we increase the event value it resets back to where it was in few seconds... Not happy with video recording.... Photos are ok for the price

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Also the photo with flash in dark environments comes out yellowish.... We have tio manually select incandescent white balance to get it right.... My question is what is the dual tone flash doing sitting there ?

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Even the manual mode is a crap. Earlier Nokia devices and even the Nokia 6.1 had pro camera mode with ISO and SHUTTER SPEED settings. Hope they bring them to the device soon
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