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Expected battery life

I bought a new Nokia 6.1 plus and the battery is said to be good but it did not last as long as I expected. It usually goes from 100% to 10% in just about 5,5 cumulative hours with 50% screen brightness, basic tasks like watching videos, social media via wifi and no gaming at all. Is it quite bad for a 3060 mWh battery?

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Make 0% battery and charge it to 100% in off condition do it once you will get good battery life after that charge 15% to 95% regularly for good battery life

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Even i am facing poor battry life.. Have to charge fone atleast 2 times in a 24 hour cycle to keep it on
I'm getting 9-10 hr sot...just callibrate your phone battery with any battery callibrate app from play store and always charge your phone when 10-15% battery is remaining. Charging time is only 1hr 20 min to full your battery.
I think You are all wrong, li-ion batteries don't need full charge and fully exhaust it or letting it go down to low percentage wear the battery out very quickly. But thanks for your replies anyway
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