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Can't Deduct Any SD Card

Today I inserted a new 64 GB SD card on my Nokia 7 Plus but it's shows nothing like nothing is happen and I tried many other memory cards but the problem is same tell me what to do?

Format the SD card as FAT32.

Already done but the problem is still

Let the formatting be done by the phone itself, do not format using PC. If the phone formats the card it inserts some folders & additional data to the card which is not the case if formatting not done thru the phone. 

What i observe is that it takes a while for the phone to 'see' the card & even then, under 'USB connection' in Settings section it still shows as 'no connection' BUT instead a small logo shape of sdcard appears on top left hand corner of the phone display which confirms the card is detected & usable...swipe down from the top row then to access the card.

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