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Back case and tempered glass

Did anyone purchase a back case or a tempered glass??? If yes plsss provide the link for me and also tell me how good is the product 

Yes I too want
Search on flipkart and Amazon...there are combo also in ₹350. In local market you will get in around ₹ 200-240 nearby Mumbai
Take affix tempered glass..on's good and you can take a back tempered glass @250...also

check them out they are the best i am using

I have bought the reallike back case carbon blue from Amazon. I wanted the blue than black.. Though it don't look that bright blue. But i feel its better than the black.. It also have slight high bump in the front and it might protect the front screen.. Its 300rs. The same case from sandstone is 550rs. Those normal tempered glass might leave the edges look ugly.. I prefer using some matte screen gaurd which is anti finger print as the phone has gorilla glass. But you might loose some brightness..
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