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Camera App update

Another update for the camera app is out, lets hope this time it was meant to be pushed to the Nokia 8.

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bokeh effect is missing :(

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Error in "beautify" mode > Action not support: 708

According to the update description it is indeed for the nokia 8, but it doesn't really seem to be better than the first update...

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Just uninstalled it. I have not seen the smaller update so I will wait to see how this process develops....

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According to a recent tweet by juho sarvikas nokia 8 users were to get a new camera app and face unlock with the pie update. Wierd.

Selected focus point still unfathomably returns to the centre of the scene, although it does seem to linger slightly longer where you have tapped now.

This update didn't fixed anything. It even made more issues

 Just taking a photo seems fine to me, it is if you want all the bells and whistles it seems a bit pants.

It seems HMD have yet again removed the camera app from Google Play.

and then released a small update for the original camera app, i can't keep up.

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