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Again wrong camera update on Playstore

Do you have a quality assurance at Nokia. So today you release again an cam update with same problems as last month and seems not to be compatible with Nokia 8. Simply unbelievable

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Same as the old one carshing while switching the pro mode, no bokeh mode on rear camera, ruin the pro mode by removing the iso and shutter speed option, no option to switching the b&w sensor. Shame on nokia and hmd global.

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Try to clear the cache of camera app and restart your phone then use camera... !!
@hevinpatel Thats for nothing! Itvseems they released the secomd time a wrong APK which is not made for Nokia 8 but its made available for it in Playstore
But they mentioned it's for Nokia 8
It seems they've pushed the old 90.xx update to most regions by mistake. The correct new update is meant to be version 85.xx.

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I've got another 67 mb update. It says fix bugs for nokia 8 and i thought it will make the app stable but that upgrade downgrade me to the old version. Well done nokia and hmd global
Again pro mode and bokeh mode gone... It's not cool to do this things again. Not at all testing seriously and releasing the update.
Bokeh mode gone!!! Dual camera mode gone!!! Your developers dont know that there is a phone named " nokia 8". You must say your developers " we have got a product named nokia 8, ohh its our flagship device too.When recording video its refocusing every second and videos sucks but we never dont care yes" ... Say it hmd !!!

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Bad thing

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Try to clear the cache of the camera app? How, please? Android has changed so much there isn't an Application Manager any more. I have only found a setting to Delete or Force Stop in App Info. Perhaps HMD isn't entirely responsible for this mess with the Pro Camera. Surely, the camera apps in Play Store are not replacements for the Nokia 8 built-in app, at least not in the Nordic region. BY THE WAY, there is no point in telling HMD Global what to do on this discussion site, it's peer to peer, that means user to user. Could one of the truly knowledgeable users please sum up the situation?
It has been removed again from Playstore, so again a wrong update published by HMD for Nokia 8.

I got the latest update from play store, with published date of 4 Sept 2018 and I have the Pro mode, Live Bokeh, Panorama, Dual camera, etc. See attached.

Are we all talking about the same version of the app?


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Hi @Hughmnyksj, to clear the cache, simply select Storage option on the screen where you see the  two buttons Disable and Force Stop. On the next screen called Storage, you should be able to clear the cache. This is standard UI in Android 8, I believe.

Hope this helps.

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