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Why does the Nokia 6.1 behave differently around the world

I have a Nokia 6.1 as well as a Nokia 5 . Both are on the August update since the 14th of August. These phones have never really gave me any problems that I always seem to read about here on this forum.No lags, no camera problems besides not being able to view the photos I take directly in the app, but that's a bug I guess. Other than that camera works as it should . As well as all my other apps.Both phones have great RAM management , the 6.1 had over 20 apps opened at once and wasn't showing any sign of slow down. I saw this when I switched back the an app I was using before , and then closed the others I wasn't going to use now . I couldn't have just lucked out twice with them ? Could I ? Anyway my Nokia 6.1 is the TA 10-50 model, from what I gather there are other TA 10-50's that don't seem to get updates at all , and they're Sim free. Mine is contract though but I still get updates . So what really makes it that mine hasn't seen any of the problems I read about on a daily basis ?I'm from Cape Town ,South Africa if that makes any difference .Just curious because it seems I really got the pick of the litter then

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