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When are we getting 9 pie update in India?

I am seeing lot of 7 plus videos on YouTube who say they got android 9pie update. When will it happen in India?

Tech Wizard

Hello, Sumanthtm the videos you are seeing on YouTube are of the final Developer Preview of Android Pie for Nokia 7 Plus. The stable Android Pie Update for Nokia 7 Plus is going to release somewhere this month on September. Cheers.

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Judging by the 8.1 update, you'll be getting it 4 months before us in the UK

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The September SP for Pixel and other Pie devices has been released. So, we can assume that we will get the Pie update along with the September SP, may be around 15 to 20 of this month.

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Just now, received an software upgrade with a new kernel dated Aug 13. I don't know what to make of this. It means either the Pie update is very near or we may not get it in near future.

Update expected on 14th September alongwith security patch
How do you know?
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