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rSAP not Working

My new Nokia 7 Plus can not be connected to my VW Scirocco with rSAP.

Bluetooth on

On the vehicle device search

Select Nokia Vehicle shows me code Enter code in Nokia Nokia asks if I want to share the sim card

Click on Yes and the phone goes into rSAP mode (no more network)Unfortunately the code will only be displayed on the vehicle and at some point the message "Connection not possible" will appear

With my Samsung S9 and the new HTC of my wife, it works without problems.

Can it be that it is software bug in the Nokia? The Samsung S9 and HTC are new devices from 2018 and work without problems on my Car

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You're lucky that your S9 works with RSAP, because 95% of the S9 devices have DUAL sim, and those do not allow RSAP to work... you are one of the 5% lucky people

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