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One again wrong update for camera on nokia 8

Every Nokia releases an update for Camera make us afraid, because of the wrong update, bad performance, and Nokia never consider what customer feedback.

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same here can't connect to camera error no pro mode sluggish performance and can't take selfie sometimes really bad experience from nokia

Again they pulled down it.

Please confirm it!

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Yes, they have taken it down

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it was released again :v 

Today? Because they took it down today. Did they release it again today?

again they released 2 updates: first is 247MB and then 63MB. the second update take camera app back to preview :v 

I have seen it. So if you didn't update using previous 247mb update, should I update with this 67mb update, or not?

I think that is fine. You can use. 

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I had no issues with the update yesterday, seemed to work fine for me. Hopefully they fix whatever the issue was and release it again today.
Fingers crossed

The facebook live just worked after last update

Which downgraded the camera to the previous version!!?!
For those who want version 90.9 of the camera app and not the downgrade that we got as an update, APK mirror has it.
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