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One again wrong update for camera on nokia 8

Every Nokia releases an update for Camera make us afraid, because of the wrong update, bad performance, and Nokia never consider what customer feedback.

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It doesn't install, and it's only 88 mb not 247 mb one, maybe it's not it

The last update i got for the correct camera was 67MB i think, it certainly wasn't in the 80s

Yes, I also got that same update, but someone was saying if anyone wants to to use that new design camera that Nokia removed with that last update, can get it from APK MIRROR, and that's who I was answering
That was me and yes the one on APK mirror doesn't work. I'm not sure why it was pulled and downgraded though.
Very buggy update of camera software on nokia 8 as after taking a photo or shooting vedio keeps on rebooting device... Not at all happy ... Please give stable and best performing update... Also wating for dual 4g standby update as it has given for nokia 7 Thanks....
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